The History of Valentine's Day
Posted by Jennifer Juan

The History of Valentine's Day

Now that Christmas and New Year's Festivities are over, the most romantic holiday of the year comes next in about two weeks time. But how did Valentine's Day come to be? How come it is touted to be the most celebrated holiday after the yuletide season? 

Valentine's Day, or St. Valentine's Day, is a day celebrated every 14th of February by showing affection for another person. This is done by sending gifts, giving cards, chocolates, and flowers with messages of love.

Moreover, during a leap year on Valentine's Day, women can propose marriage to their partner! How cool is that?!

The name of the day came from a famous saint, called St. Valentine, who was a priest from Rome who lived in third century AD. At that time, Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage believing that married men tend to be bad soldiers. Valentine saw how unfair this was and rebelled against the emperor by arranging marriages in secret. The emperor eventually fund out about his wrongdoing and he was then jailed and sentenced to death. While Valentine was in jail, he fell in love  with his jailer's daughter. His death was scheduled on the 14th of February and on that day, he sent her a love letter to her which he signed "from your Valentine", a phrase that is still used until today.

Furthermore, Valentine's Day is a very old tradition that is thought to have originated from a Roman festival. This festival is called Lupercalia which happens in the middle of February, which coincidentally is also the official start of their springtime. During the celebration, the boys would pick names of girls from a box. Then they'd be boyfriend and girlfriend during the festival and would even end up marrying each other.

Years passed and the church wanted to turn this festival into another Christian celebration. They decided to do this in commemoration of St. Valentine too.

Gradually, over the years, St. Valentine's name would be used by people all over the world to express their feelings to those people they loved.

Now that you know the history behind Valentine's Day, how would you express your love to your loved one? 

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Wishing you advance Happy Valentine's Day and may it be a meaningful and beautiful one.